Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing works well for flat roofs with low-rise to no pitch roofs. Typically known as BUR, it is a common type of roof material that is used for low-slope roofs. Several layers of tar paper and asphalt, or bitumen, are installed using a layering method or application. During the application process, avoid moisture, rain, or water collection on the roof deck. It will ruin the installation process. With proper installation and maintenance, a BUR system can last for 20 years. The three main types are membrane or single-ply, BUR, aka Built-Up Roofing, and Modified Bitumen Roofing or MBR.

During the BUR installation process, it is best to install when the weather is dry with little wind movement. The layers adhere to the roof deck. The top-most layer consists of stone or gravel. By installing alternating layers of asphalt and roofing fabric, the layers build up and adhere to the roof’s surface. A BUR system is a continuously sealed surface. Regular roofing shingles are applied to a pitched roof so that the water sheds during heavy rain and flows off the roof’s surface. 

Flat roofs hold the weight of snow and ice. The sun melts the snow and ice which eventually melts off or evaporates by the sun’s rays. This is an advantage of a BUR. Water seeps down to destroy the ceiling inside your building. If your building needs a BUR, call OK City Roofing Co. Let us show you the advantages of a BUR system.

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