SPF Commercial Roofing

SPF roofing systems ,aka spray foam roofing, has definite pros and cons. Mainly, SPF is typically used for commercial buildings that are low-slope or flat construction. SPF roofing has a good R-value rating that can quickly be applied. An SPF roof system has three parts which are the substrate or base, the SPF layer, and a topcoat layer. Weather conditions, temperature, and moisture are key factors and also huge drawbacks. Moisture on the roof deck, or substrate, causes major impact to the adhesion of the foam to the substrate layer. The weather conditions need to be warm, dry, with little to no wind movement. 

Poor roof drainage, hampers SPF roofing systems. Before making a decision to install this type of roofing material, allow for adequate research to ensure this is the type of roofing system that is needed for your residential or commercial structure. Proper preparation of the surface is an integral part of the entire SPF process. Moisture, bad weather, improper installation methods, unclean surfaces, and failure to install a solid roof deck, will cause an SPF roofing system to fail. 

To ensure complete success of an SPF system, consider removing all damaged existing layers. When properly installed, an SPF roofing system will last for several years with minimal maintenance. At OK Roofing Co., we want you to be sure of your investment. Talk with our roofing experts, and review the advantages and disadvantages involved with installing an SPF roof system. Let us visit your property and review your home or business property.

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