Wood Shingle Roofing

Wooden shingle roofing is commonly used for residential installation for homes, bungalows, cottages, condos, and residential-type dwellings. Though, it can be found on a commercial building. Common material used is red cedar. Advantages: An eco-friendly product, natural beauty, aesthetic appeal, attractive color, and charming curb appeal are what attracts homeowners to this type of roof material. Customers love the gingerbread style (rounded edge) wooden shingles. Wooden shingle roofing lasts up to 50 years. Eco-friendly roofing material, it is easy to install. Wooden shingles can be recycled into landscape mulch. Disadvantages: High-cost installation and increased maintenance expense are drawbacks. Maintenance is required to remove moss build-up and to reseal the shingles to prevent wood rot. Replacement shingles may not match the older wooden roof shingles. Wooden shingles are treated with fire-resistant chemicals, even so, wooden shingles are flammable.

Wooden shingle roofing makes a home look cozy and charming with a sort of gingerbread house appeal. The top grade wood is taken from the heartwood with no defects and is used for roofing and sidewalls. There should be a limited amount of defects allowed for the clear portion of the shingle, aka the part that is visible, on the building. Wooden shingles are often used for re-roofing purposes, for walls, or as a starter course of shingles. Let our OK City Roofing Co. product specialists explain the importance of selecting the correct grade of wooden shingles. Call OK City Roofing Co. to select the correct roof material for your home or business.

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